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How to market luxury properties

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The process of selling a high-end home is vastly different compared to selling a conventional home. Right from the start, a calculated and focused approach is needed to make the home stand out above other luxury properties on the market.

To succeed, you will need to know how to highlight the home’s unique features, set a competitive price, and optimize your listing to get the attention of the right buyers. The higher up the price range you move to, the more you’ll have to think about a strategy that will appeal to a specific subset of buyer with high expectations and a lot to spend.

While there are no guarantees in the real estate business, there are certainly steps you can take to make your luxury property even more appealing to get the attention of the right buyer.

In this article, we offer several helpful tips to keep in mind on how to sell luxury real estate.

Work with a realtor who specializes in the luxury market

Working with a realtor with proven experience in the luxury real estate market is one of the best things you can do to get you closer to your goals. All real estate agents specialize in a specific area, so you want to make sure you find someone who is fully capable of helping you navigate the luxury market, especially when it comes to key steps like pricing and advertising.

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Look for a professional stager

A key part in the home selling process is staging the home so prospective buyers will be able to imagine living in it. While it’s an important step no matter what type of home you’re selling, it becomes even more crucial in the luxury housing market, as most homes are customized to cater to individual tastes.

This doesn’t mean you have to completely strip down your home and turn it into a blank slate for a new owner. Just make sure it can provide potential buyers with a clear vision of what it would be like if they lived in it, without feeling overwhelmed by your personal style.

Staging is a tedious and time-consuming task that requires expertise in the latest design trends, which is why hiring a professional stager is a tremendous help. In addition to optimizing your home to appeal to more buyers, a stager will also help you highlight its unique features to set it apart from other luxury homes.

Set an ideal price point

One of the most challenging parts of putting a luxury home on the market is setting the right price. Overprice, and you could end up with a stale listing, while pricing it too low can mean getting much less for what it’s actually worth.

Your realtor will know how to find the right balance and help you set a price that’s competitive and close to what your home has to offer. The main goal is to attract a larger buyer pool while getting the best price possible for your luxury property. This is also one of the top reasons why you need a realtor with plenty of experience when it comes to pricing and selling a luxury home.

Know exactly what makes your home stand out

Your home’s high-value features will serve as its unique selling point. These are the features that should be highlighted in your marketing materials for your listing.

While the beauty of a luxury home should be able to speak for itself, you still need to highlight all of your home’s best features whenever prospective buyers come for a viewing. Focusing on these features will leave a good impression on buyers, and could be the very hook that will reel them in towards making an offer.

Use only high-quality photos

Subpar photos simply won’t do, even if you’re marketing a conventional home. To attract more attention for your home, you will need to invest in top-quality photos. Your agent will likely have a list of recommended professional photographers who will know how to showcase your home’s best features and capture the right angles, enhancing your listing with crisp, high quality photos guaranteed to pique the interest of buyers.

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