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Securing your luxury home

The higher the value of a home and the bigger its size, the wider the range of security concerns that need to be addressed. For a luxury modern home, sophisticated security systems are an essential feature, most especially if the property will be unoccupied for extended periods of time. Read on to find out how you can help ensure the safety of your luxury home and your family.

Start with the basics

Before looking at biometric entry systems or smart home tech, make sure you have all the essentials first — and if you do, that they’re working properly. If you don’t have backup power yet, for example, then you’ll definitely want to consider setting it up. Options range from standby generators to combined solar and backup battery systems.

Get your fire detection equipment checked regularly and ensure that you have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors on every floor as well as outside and inside bedrooms. Do you have pipe freeze and water leak sensors? If you don’t, get them installed — a leaky pipe can cost a huge amount of water damage if it’s not addressed early.

Another basic feature not to overlook are window locks. While most windows already have locks built in, these are often not robust enough. It’s best to invest in a solid secondary lock.

Also, if your home is right on the water — and most luxury homes on LBI are — double check that everything is up to code. Are the doors and windows impact resistant? Do outbuildings have the right structural supports? Upgrade everything that doesn’t meet the requirements.

Get the right home security system

You can opt for a professionally installed system, install one yourself (they usually come in kits), or invest in a wide range of home security equipment. Tech-savvy DIYers may choose to install or design their own systems, but that’s not always the most practicable option for everyone.

If you are considering home security systems and providers, here are some of the things you’ll want to ask:

  • What’s included in the system?
  • How is it installed?
  • Will there be extra costs?
  • Does the equipment come with a warranty?
  • Will I be able to beef up the system with my own security equipment later on?
  • Does it integrate with smart home systems like Amazon Alexa?
  • How long has the provider been in business?
  • Do I have to sign a contract?
  • Is there a maintenance schedule to ensure that all parts of the system are working as they should?

Also take into account how well the system will integrate with your interior design. Some are more compact and have a higher aesthetic appeal than others.

Ultimately, the best system is the one that’s comprehensive and flexible enough to be able to meet your family’s needs.

Protect your devices

These days, it isn’t just burglars you have to worry about. If you have a wireless system and/or you have smart devices in your home, then they can be vulnerable to hacks.

The first step to protecting your home, according to the security software experts at Norton, is to “consider your Wi-Fi router the ‘front door’ to your smart home. Like any front door, it should be solid and equipped with strong locks, in case cybercriminals come knocking.”

There are several ways you can keep your router secure, among them:

  • Changing the router settings password as well as the name of the router itself
  • Changing the Wi-Fi password regularly
  • Updating the firmware regularly
  • Disabling default-enabled features that you may not need, such as remote access and Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)
  • Setting up a guest network for other people to use while keeping your primary network private

You will also want to be careful when you’re accessing your home’s smart devices remotely. Avoid doing so while connected to public Wi-Fi and remember to use a VPN.

Don’t forget grounds and pool safety

If your property comes with extensive grounds and a pool, then you’ll want to protect those areas as well. Make sure that your home security system includes outdoor cameras and that there’s a way to make the pool’s perimeter secure when young children or pets are around. You may also want to install pool security devices such as pool alarms.

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